Thursday, October 01, 2009

JVP complains to Supreme Court of discrimination

By S.S. Selvanayagam - Candidates of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) have complained to the Supreme Court that only they have been named as suspects in respect of the alleged display of their party symbol (the bell) on the highways despite rival United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidates too displaying the betel leaf symbol and words in support of such candidates on the very same roads.

The petitions were filed by the JVP candidates for the Hambantota District in the forthcoming Southern Provincial Council elections.

The petitioners also allege that although the police has promptly filed the ‘B’ report naming the petitioners as suspects, neither the Road Development Authority (RDA) nor the police have taken any steps against the candidates of the UPFA contesting the same elections even though the betel leaf symbol and words in support of such candidates are demonstrably drawn on the very same roads.

The petitioners are S.K. Wahalathanthri, P. Ramanayaka, J. Wanniarachchi, A. Welandagoda, I.T. Medaduwage, M.G. Nandasena, M. Sugathadasa, C. Welhenage, P.R. Senarath, K.S.P.L. Hennadige, M.P.N.J. Muthumala, H.L. Jayasiri, L. Chandradasa, S.C. Yapa and S.H. Sujith.

The petitioners state that they received notices requiring them to appear before the District/Magistrate’s Court of Tangalle in respect of purported charges of mischief done to roads belonging to the RDA.

The petitioners state that the ‘B’ report was filed in the court by Inspector Suwaris naming them as suspects and the investigations had revealed that the said acts were done with the approval of and according to the needs of the said JVP candidates.

The petitioners allege that although Inspector Suwaris had stated in the said ‘B’ report that he had conducted an investigation on the complaint of a RDA Executive Engineer neither the petitioners themselves nor any of their supporters have even been questioned as to the said alleged offences.

The petitioners allege that the respondents have acted maliciously towards the petitioners purely due to their political affiliation with the JVP, in a discriminatory manner and on grounds of political opinion.

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