Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Email sent by Dr.Chrishantha Abeysena

From: Dr. Chrishantha Abeysena <***************@mfac.kln.ac.lk>
Subject: Fw: urgent

The CNN web site and the TV are now conducting a voteon , "Should the International Community intervene in Sri Lanka ”?Pl click the linkbelow and say no.

Also Please forward this mail to all your friends asking them to do the same.


Thank you very much.


Dr.Murali Vallipuranathan's reply which cost him his job:

From: drmurali_1999@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Fw: urgent

Dear Dr.Abeysena,

What do you want us to do? Observe silently the inhuman treatment taking place at the Forced Detention Camps (FDC) under the name of provision of health services and security? I think this is time for us (the medical professionals) to discuss this more openly without any racial feelings. I hope you are aware of what is realy happening at the FDC if not please watch the channel 4 and enlighten yourself. (Click here)

Anyway IC will not interfere just because somebody vote at CNN.

Await you kind response (except the white van reaction)

Thank you


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