Thursday, October 01, 2009

'GSP+ rejected due to human rights violation' says JVP Parlimentarian

By Hemanthi Guruge - The European Union had rejected the GSP+ concession to Sri Lankan garment industry because of the human rights violation in the country, JVP MP K.D. Lalkantha said yesterday.

Addressing the 1st anniversary of the Railway Technologist’s Union yesterday he said that the government should protect human rights to get GSP+ concession to Sri Lanka.

“Government said that rejection of GSP+ is a conspiracy. About 85% of votes from the Southern Provincial council election need to defeat conspiracy”, the MP said. He also said about 11 Journalists have been killed during the past three and half years but the government had not taken action to arrest the suspects involved in there killing.

About 50 Journalists left the country as a result of the political problem and he has got the list of names and present residences of the journalists who have left the country, Lalkantha said.

The European Union had considered these factors in granting the GSP+ concessions.

The garment industry is the second largest income earner in the country and thousands are working in these factories, the MP said.

Meanwhile the MP has visited the Southern area for the election campaign during past few weeks and he has been notified of the issues of the people in the area. He also said these people are not satisfied with their living conditions.

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