Tuesday, June 01, 2010


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Five bodies recovered from a toilet pit in Ganeshapuram, Kilinochchi has been sent to Vavunia for further identification.

Tamil National Alliance, Jaffna District Member of Parliament S.Sridharan said that the gender of the five bodies were unidentifiable due to their state of decomposition.

The post-mortem was carried out by the Judicial Medical Officer Balachandran Sridharan of Vavunia.

“Two bodies were covered in white bags and other three were in black polythene bags”, said the parliamentarian.

According to MP Sridharan, two bodies were clad in uniforms similliar to those of the Sri Lankan military, while two bodies were with uniforms similar to LTTE cadres. One was wrapped in a sari.

The bodies found by a dairy farmer, who were taken to resettle in Ganeshapuram.

Parliamentarian Sridharan said that army soldiers and police were present when the bodies were removed from the pit.

Kilinochchi District Judge S. Sivakumar visited Ganeshapuram to inspect the bodies yesterday.

Kilinochchi was the administrative centre of the Tamil tigers who were defeated by the Sri Lankan military a year ago.

Human rights organisations as well as the United Nations have accused of human rights violations during the final stages of the war between the two parties.

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