Monday, May 10, 2010

Tissainayagam pardon has to be legally ratified

By Rathindra Kuruwita - Lawyers representing veteran journalist J. S Tissainayagam who was pardoned by the president on May 3rd will meet officials of the Attorney General’s (AGs) department in the coming week to discuss his pardon said lawyer and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M. A Sumanthiran.

“The pardon was an announcement by Minister of External Affairs Prof G. L Peiris but so far the pardon has not been granted. I don’t think that the government will go back on its word after making a public announcement,” Sumanthiran said.

The TNA MP added that they have withdrawn their appeal seeking the release of Tissainayagam so that the presidential pardon can be affected. He added that there are still a lot of procedural steps to be discussed and they will meet AG department officials to discuss the matter.

“He is on bail right now pending appeal but we had to remove the appeal so that he can be pardoned. There are still some procedural steps to be taken and we are in discussion to effect those. We will start discussing the terms of this pardon with the Attorney General’s Department in the coming days.”

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