Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sri Lanka storms leave eight dead, 200,000 displaced

Torrential rains and lightning in Sri Lanka have caused the deaths of at least eight people and driven more than 200,000 from their homes, officials said Tuesday as the weather worsened.

At least four people have been killed in the flooding and another four by lightning since Saturday, government officials said.

More than 50 houses were damaged by the severe weather, which has affected the western, southern, central and north-western parts of the country.

Rail and road transport was also impacted with more than 20 vehicles damaged by falling trees.

Access to the international airport has been restricted by the floods, prompting the national airline to require that passengers check in four hours ahead of their departure times.

The government has postponed a military parade scheduled for Thursday, which was to commemorate the first anniversary of the end of the conflict with separatist Tamil rebels. (IANS)

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