Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sri Lanka: Main opposition says polls not fair

By Gandhya Senanayake - The United National Party claims that that the General Elections conducted today was not free and fair and they will hold discussions and consider calling for a re-poll in certain places.

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayaka told Daily Mirror online that there were several reports of voter intimidation, chasing away of polling agents from the opposition parties and some agents being abused which is why the polls were not free and fair.

“This has not been a fair poll. We will hold discussions soon to decide on what steps should be taken,” Attanayaka said.

He confirmed that according to reports received by the UNP, voter turn out had been low islandwide and said the public was “sick” of so many elections declared by the government. “This government has held too many elections which is why people are now fed up,” Attanayaka said.

Meanwhile a high ranking official from the Elections Department confirmed to Daily Mirror online that several incidents of opposition polling agents being chased away had been reported since voting began this morning. He said some agents had also not reported for work.

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