Thursday, April 29, 2010

All IDPs will be resettled within six months - SL Govt

The new minister of resettlement Milroy Fernando says that all displaced families will be resettled within the next six months.

The minister said in Vavuniya that more than 80,000 displaced people living in resettlement camps would be resettled.

Minister Milroy Fernando who made his first visit to the resettlement camps was told by Premaratna Sumathipala, the former co-ordinator of the Resettlement Ministry that the officials of the ministry of resettlement were not efficient enough in delivering the expected outcome.

Mr.Sumathipala said that such officials who he believed were associates of the former minister in charge of resettlement need to be replaced.

A number of displaced people said that they had not been adequately compensated.

Minister Fernando promised to look in to all compensation claims and adequately address their grievances.

He further said not only those who have been displaced by fighting would be resettled but also those who braved the war in their villages would also be benefited.

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