Thursday, November 26, 2009

"We have seen how dangerous the executive presidency is in the recent few years" - Ex President

As the process of Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka gets underway, there is growing clamour among politicians to shift to Indian Parliamentary system of democracy, with the former president Chandrika Kumaratunga joining the chorus of supporters.

Describing the existing system of Executive Presidency as "dangerous", Kumaratunga has come out in open support in shifting to Indian Parliamentary system or the British Westminster pattern.

She said during her tenure she had considered shifting to this system, but she could not do so in the absence of two-thirds majority in Parliament.

"The Executive presidency that has been created in Sri Lanka is extremely dangerous for democracy and freedom. The sooner it is abolished the better," she said.

"We have seen how dangerous it is in the recent last few years," Kumaratunga who has differences with her successor President Mahinda Rajapaksa told the Private TV Channel 'News First'.

"If a true democrat becomes a President, then it could be controlled but very often especially in our country ,where politicians are people today who believe that politics is the most lucrative business existing and nothing else, it is not the service to the people," the former president said.

"It is essential to have true democrats and clean politicians serving the state, specially in our country where politicians are people who believe that politics is the most lucrative business," she said.


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