Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Talks fail, Sri Lankan unions decide to go for joint work-to-rule campaign

The unions of the four main state institutes, Petroleum, Water, Electricity and Ports have decided to commence its planned work-to-rule campaign from next Wednesday as the talks they held with the Treasury Secretary failed to produce any compromise.

The union leaders this evening met with Treasury Secretary Dr. P. B. Jayasundara to discuss over their salary increment, but the talks has ended without any success, said Ananda Palitha, the committee member of Joint Forum for Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) unions.

According to him they will certainly go for the earlier announced union action with the support of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the Port Authority, and the Water Board from November 11th.

CPC union said that the government has one more day to prevent the general public from certain difficulties by announcing a salary hike.

The four unions are demanding a compulsory salary hike which is generally granted by the government every three years, but yet failed to grant this time.

The government has promised a salary hike to all state workers in January of next year.

The unions of the CPC had staged a four-day work to rule campaign earlier immensely inconveniencing the general public.

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