Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Port, Petroleum, water join to work to rule from 11th of November

CEB employees’ special convention organized by joint CEB trade union alliance was held at Colombo Viharamahadevi open theatre on 1st of November. The meeting was convened by the employees in CEB in order to give their collective seal of approval to the upcoming trade union action demanding the promised salary increment.

The meeting came to a common agreement in order to force the government to pay the due salary increment for year 2009 without any further delay. If the government fails to address this demand, delegates unanimously agreed that a trade union action of work to rule should be conducted from 11th of November with the support of Petroleum, port, and Water Supply Board employees.

Several prominent trade union leaders from various other public sectors also participated in the event, in order to show their solidarity with the CEB workers.

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