Thursday, November 05, 2009

Political parties and human rights organisations protest

By Kassapa Ellepola - Several political parties along with some human rights organisations yesterday (04) gathered in front of the Fort Railway station to protest against the police on the alleged attack on a mentally unstable youth in the shallow seas near the Bambalapitiya Railway station recently.

The Democratic People’s Front, United Socialist Party along with mothers and daughters of Lanka and the Platform for Freedom organisations gathered in numbers shouting slogans and demonstrating banners against the police claiming that the Sri Lankan police had undermined the democracy and the human rights of the country.

United Socialist Party spokesman Sirithunga Jayasuriya said that this attack should be considered another event of a chain of attacks that the police had conducted on innocent civilians.

“The person, who was attacked, pleaded for his life and the police kept on assaulting him in the midst of a large number of onlookers and it is great disappointment that no citizen who witnessed the incident has come forward to provide evidence for the investigation,” he said.

He added that the attack was an image of the state terrorism in practice and it is time that everyone despite political parties, race or religion in hands to stop the government from putting the democracy, human rights and media freedom of the country in danger.

Meanwhile Human Rights activist Nimalka Fernando who was present at the occasion said that political parties, religious leaders and various people were condemning the violations of human rights and breaching the democracy of the country.

“Only the judiciary has the authority to punish wrongdoers and the police have no authority or right to punish people like this,” she said.

Father Sathyawel of St. Michael’s Church Kollupitiya commenting on the incident said that if this violation of human rights took place in the Capital while hundreds were watching it is optimistic that there would have been more human rights violations in Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu where 30,000 people died.

A mentally unstable youth who was pelting stones at people and trains near the Bambalapitiya Railway station was chased away by two policemen to the shallow seas using poles while he was pleading for mercy. The person was drowned and his body was washed ashore near the Kollupitiya Railway station at around noon the following day.

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