Thursday, November 19, 2009

'Crematorium & the King': Govt. employee penalized for telling a joke

A government servant was punished due to a joke regarding the President.

The Samurdhi Officer in Beliatta Divisional Secretarial Office, Mr. D. W. L. Disanayaka has been punished for a joke he had made. There has been a chat among officers in Divisional Secretarial Office regarding the forthcoming President’s arrival on the occasion of a Crematorium in Beliatta area to be declared open. At that moment Mr. Disanayaka has made a joke sstating “The President should be entered in to the Crematorium and it should be switched on in order it to be declared open”.

Based upon this statement the Director General Samurdhi has given him a punishment transfer to Monaragala stating the President has been insulted by the above quote. Mr. Disanayaka has complained about this unfair penalty to the Parliament Ombudsmen of Administrative activities.

The Ombudsmen Dr. Ranaraja has said, "We cannot accept there’s any possibility of harm to the President owing to a joke that has been uttered in a private chat like this," He had further stated ‘taking actions against such statements is very dangerous as we are going to need another ministry for prohibition of jokes adding one more to the list of more than 100 ministries we already have.’

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