Friday, October 09, 2009

Tissainayagam felicitated in Colombo

By Olindhi Jayasundere - Senior journalist J.S.Tissainayagam’s father Jayaprakash Tissainayagam Wednesday (07) told a gathering – at a function held to felicitate the journalist who received the first Peter Mackler award for courageous and ethical journalism – that he and his wife had received 600 letters of love and support from abroad.

He said the Tissainayagam family was most grateful for the support expressed by well wishers, at a time they were going through so much of mental strain and agony.

“The letters were mainly from the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. There has been no support extended to us from India or China, which I don’t find at all surprising,” he said.

Mr. Tissainayagam (90) said several people who were in a similar situation, but were afraid to speak out and said that he himself spoke though reluctantly as he felt the need to do so. “My son sent a message asking me to speak, and that is why I am speaking to you,” he said.

Mr. Tissainayagam said that his son’s imprisonment was an act that needed to be addressed.

“In spite of my old age I am aware of what is wrong and right, good and bad and just and unjust,” he said.

J.S. Tissanayagam who was sentenced to 20 years hard labour on August 31 received the first Peter Mackler award for courageous and ethical journalism given by the Global Media Forum and Reporters without Borders. His wife accepted the award on his behalf.

The ceremony was attended by family members, fellow journalists and other well wishers.

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