Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Journalist unions condemn attack on media in Deniyaya

By Kurulu Kariyakarawana - Condemning the brutal attack on media personnel who went to cover the misuse of state property in constructing a private road in Deniyaya along with a group of UNP parliamentarians, independent election monitoring bodies and journalist unions expressed their displeasure yesterday.

Centre for Free and Fair Elections (CAFFE) issuing a statement said that they are highly concerned about the attack on five journalists who went with a group of UNP parliamentarians to cover the progress of a private road allegedly being constructed using state machinery leading to Bevaraliaya Estate in Deniyaya on Sunday.

It stated that the public is highly concerned about the activities of political parties especially during an election period and it is not uncommon to see how media is greatly concerned to cover such activities or events in order to report to the public.Obstructing, harassing and assaulting journalists engaged in duty had been utterly condemned by CAFFE requesting competent authorities to ensure the right and safety of journalists to cover the news in an election period.

Meanwhile newly formed National Forum for Journalists (NFJ) expressing its deep displeasure said that they were disgusted by the brutal attack on five journalists in Deniyaya saying it depicts the government’s abhorrence look on the media. The NFJ appealed to the President and the law enforcing authorities to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident and bring the culprits to book immediately.

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