Friday, October 30, 2009

Graduates in state service to support struggle of unemployed graduates

The Graduate Employees’ Union (GEU) reiterated they would extend their cooperation fully to the continuous fast and protest carried out by unemployed graduates’ unions for the last 22 days as the government was avoiding taking measures to find solutions and the struggle carried out by unemployed graduates of Indigenous Medicine. This was stated by the General Secretary of GEU Chadnana Suriyarachchi at a media meeting held at Hotel Nippon today (29th).

Mr. Suriyarachchi said the GEU would symbolically join the fast carried out by unemployed graduates and his union would send telegrams to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, as a part of the struggle to uphold the rights of more than 25,000 unemployed graduates.

If the government continues to ignore the issue and does not take any measures to solve the issue more stringent measures would be taken said Mr. Suriyarachchi. He said, “By now unemployed graduates have launched various campaigns demanding employment. We too engaged in struggles before we were able to get employment in 2005. Despite the government promising employment to graduates in all budgets that were presented since 2006, those promises have not been kept.

Hence, the number of unemployed graduates throughout the country is about 30,000. Every time there is a struggle the government gives false promises and tries to deceive the graduates. The fasts that have been launched by graduates opposite Fort Railway Station and Ayurvedha Hospital at Borella have continued for 25 days. The government states they would be employed in 2010. However, the government tries to bring in a ‘vote on account’ for 2010 instead of a budget. There is no possibility of providing employment to graduates from a ‘vote on account.’ Hence, we say that the government should prepare a scheme to provide employment for graduates immediately. If not we, graduates in state service, would take stern action jointly with unemployed graduates,” said the General Secretary of GEU.

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sampath said...

The vast majority of these graduates are Arts graduates. The faculties of Arts in our universities produce arts graduates in excessive numbers. Arts graduates are the category of graduates produced in the highest number among all the types of graduates eventhough their job demand is the least. This is the main cause for unemployement among arts graduates.

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