Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Eleven JVP offices in Hambantota destroyed

Eleven election offices of the JVP were destroyed by gangs of thugs at night on the 4th states the media unit of the JVP. Some of the election offices that have been attacked and destroyed were at Beliatta, Pahala Beligalla, Ambalantota Depot Junction, Mirijjawila Adasiya Road, the office at the residence of Mr. Kumudu Sanjeewa, JVP candidate for Southern PC election at Debarawewa, the office at Wekandawala polling station No.1, Bandagiriya, Yahangala, Tangalle and Pahajjawa.

Meanwhile, the name board of Tissamaharamaya Pradehsiya Sabha, which is controlled by the JVP has been vandalized and the digital board put up by the Pradeshiya Sabha stating “Let’s rally to eradicate dengue” has been demolished and set on fire.

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