Saturday, October 17, 2009

Case against journalist: CID says all reports given

By Ananda Weerasinghe - CID yesterday informed the Mt. Lavinia Court that a final report had been forwarded to the Attorney General with regard to the demand for a ransom of five million rupees for not publishing a news report on Minister Mano Wijeratne by Arthur Wamanan, the Sunday Leader journalist.

CID informed court when the case was called yesterday (16) before the Chief Magistrate.

Investigations had followed a complaint made to the Wellawatte Police by Minister Mano Wijeratne that the journalist Arthur Wamanan on or around 21.10.2007 informed him that a sum of five million rupees was required for not publishing a news item regarding the minister in the Leader newspaper.

On the orders by the CID, investigations were held, and Arthur Wamanan was taken into custody and released on bail.

When the case was called yesterday, CID informed court that all reports had been submitted to the Attorney General pending prosecution instructions.

Magistrate postponed the trial for January 15, 2010.

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