Saturday, September 26, 2009

JVP activist remanded for displaying a banner

Danister Gunasekera ,the owner of the premises, where the JVP displayed a Hoarding with the slogan ‘Is this the Democracy of the maha jara Rajapakse Govt.?’ was remanded for 14 days on charges of attempting to bring contempt on Govt.,according to JVP sources.

The JVP put this Board up in protest at 153/1/13 Aluthgoda, Tangalle after its elections office which was run legitimately by it at this premises was last 18th, destroyed by the PA hooligans and goons.

This office was run by the Hambantota District JVP group leader Wahalatantri after the Tangalle Police Station Chief gave permission. But on the 18th, it was attacked. The Tangalle Police took the owner into custody on 24th night however for displaying the Board.

Wahalatantri said, the Police is not taking any action for the complaints made by them against the destruction of the election office and acts of violence, neither is it allowing them to conduct their election activities democratically.

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