Thursday, September 17, 2009

JDS responds to false accusations!

The Sri Lankan government, instead of facing the evidence of the video clip incriminating its Armed forces and taking action to find the guilty, has started an action against the Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDS) - to shoot the messenger rather - than examine the evidence. And, now the Sri Lankan government and its various fellow travellers have gone one step further and launched a venomous vilification campaign against other people and organisations that are not party to actions of the JDS.

Because of real danger caused by the continuous stream of articles in the Sinhala press in Sri Lanka to individuals in the INSD (International Network of Sri Lankan Diaspora) we want to clarify that the JDS, on its formation, had requested the INSD to allow us to temporarily use their Berlin mailing address as a 'care of' address for our post - until we secured our own facilities. This they kindly allowed. There is no other relationship between the two organizations.

Executive Committee
Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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Sam Perera said...

A message is as good as the messenger when it is contaminated by the messenger.

Stop the crap and get to the bottom of it. When and where has this shooting happened? The Sinhala spoken here has no conneciton or what so ever to the events unfolding in the video. How does a dead man raise his feet and lower? Can you explain the descrepencies in sound tracks and video?

If you are a responsible journalist, it is your responsibility to post the "message" after verification.

Given the fact that you are publishing a fake video against the country you are born to, I believe that you are nothing more than subhuman refuse.

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