Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I can shoot with both hands" says a ruling party candidate

"If I am elected, I will be the only chief minister who could shoot with both hands, except Chief Minister in the East" said a ruling UPFA candidate for the upcoming Southern Provincial Council election.

Speaking at a press conference Mr. Nishantha Muthuhettigama said, “I would worship at the feet of the President. I’d even go to courts to get police powers to provincial councils. We would get the 13th amendment fully implemented one way or another. The President should be prepared to give the rights we are entitled for."

Speaking futher he said "after I become the chief minister, I will prepare a code of ethics for children during the first three months. I will make a legal code and change the existing laws. The graduates in the SL Army will be trained and appointed as principals of schools."

Noting that he would sit on the ‘Big Chair’ of the Southern Provincial Council, Mr. Muthuhettigama further said that the next Chief Minister of the Province is capable of ‘shooting with both hands’.

“I was a school cadet. My school has all those records. Except Chief Minister Pillayan in the East, the next Chief Minister of the South would be able to shoot with both hands. But I would not shoot anyone,” he said.

He said that the ruling UPFA would win Galle district and even the President would vote in the south to make him the Chief Minister.

“We know his pulse. We know how he works,” he said.

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