Friday, September 04, 2009

Arrested "Lanka" journalists brought to colombo

The three journalists, who were arrested by the police on the charge of attempting to trespass on a Tamil Estate in the Southern province, have been handed over to the Colombo crime Division (CCD). The journalists, Sahlika Wimalasena, Daya Nathasingha, and photo journalist Ravindra Pushpakumara, who were attached to "Irida Lanka" newspaper were arrested on Wednesday (02) and detained at Deniyaya police station.

The initial reports said that the three Journalists were to be produced before the Morawaka Magistrate on Thursday (03). But the lawyers who went to Morawaka courts learnt that the journalists were to be entrusted to the custody of the CCD and will be brought to Colombo under detention order.

According to media sources in Colombo, the three journalists had visited the area to write a special report related to the upcoming Southern Provincial Council election.

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