Saturday, September 19, 2009

254,000 jobs axed in six months

155,000 persons in the industrial sector and 99,000 in the services sector have lost their jobs within the first six months of this year. Accordingly the total number of people who lost jobs during the period is 254,000 states reports from Department of Census and Statistics.

Meanwhile, the government has taken loans for high interests by issuing development bonds for Rs.150000 million. Out of this amount Rs.75000 million has been allocated to pay loan installments and interest.

Latest statistics issued by the Department of Census and Statistic reveal the economic growth by the second quarter of this year has come down by 2.1%. Also, several ministries are preparing to get supplementary estimates to the value of Rs.6000 million approved during the next three months.

All this data reveal that the economic crisis the government has been trying to hide has aggravated.

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